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Grand Ol' Radio Marty and Lorene in the Studio

Hi! We're Marty & Lorene

We're from Billings, Montana and we are so happy you are here!


We both grew up and went to school in a small town just an hour from where we are today. Growing up with music was a way of life for both of us.


Marty's Dad played many instruments in a popular dance band and Lorene's family was very involved in music also.



We married right out of high school and are blessed with 3 amazing sons and 7 awesome grandchildren.


We enjoyed excellent ratings with our Grand Ol' Country  radio show on station KCTR 102.9. Wow, we did that together over 20 years ago!  Our show was rated #1 in the state of Montana. We also had a DJ service and did weddings and dances, which was a lot of fun!


Grand Ol' Country archived shows are available for our patrons to listen to on this website.

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. . .but the reason                  Grand Ol' Radio was started,

was because of all the great music we have in our library (over 30,000 vinyl albums)


We enjoy this music daily, but it is not being played anywhere, and we seriously felt bad that people were missing out!


We love Classic Country and Rock n Roll, and that is why we are mixing them up, with a little Big Band sprinkled in.

We launched our Grand Ol' Radio internet station on October 4, 2021.


Our goal is to eventually have most of our library on the station, which is a work in progress, with music added daily.


We love that you found us, appreciate your support, and sincerely hope you love what you hear!


...and the rest will be history!

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